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by Michael

All That You CAN Leave Behind.

Don't get me wrong, I love U2 and have been going to see them religiously in Ireland over the last twenty years.

After last night I doubt I will ever journey to an outdoors event to see them play again.

Yes there was wind and rain and the acoustics weren't great which is not the band's fault - but the crew could have made the sound better for those in the stadium and in certain songs Bono was reduced to mumbling a la "Vic Reeves Club Singer"

The band could have used the visuals to a much greater extent than they did - they had the technology available and chose only to bring it out for the latter part of the show.Everone in the stands were forced to watch small TV screens for the whole performance instead of U2 appearing on the large back TV screen to give evryone a better view.

I could go on an about the GAA,the lack of toilet facilites and the stewards and Guarda allowing the gangways to become crowded and thus seated fans actually stood, but this is not a U2 issue - I just hope it is corrected for the next 160,000 unfortunates who have to go through this shoddy mismanagement over the next two nights.

In all then U2, I know if you play the smaller venues most of your fans will never get a chance to see you again but people demand more than watching dots in the distance over a bad PA in the name of keeping U2 the stadium rock giants they are.

Take some air out of the balloon before it bursts in your faces.

PS This is not an isolated view - the backlash was worse in the pubs around Dublin last night and on the bus home.

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