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by Mattt from Canada

WHAT A WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!! I'm Matt from Canada, and I'm the "lucky bastard" as so many Dubliners (and every other country it seems!) have called me, that was pulled up to play Party Girl at Croke Park last night. I still can't believe that it happened! I've been a huge fan for ten years, and had the opportunity to make it out for this Dublin show! I literally flew into Dublin at just after 12:00 on Saturday....went to my b&b and then to the show! I had my sign, which said "I flew from Canada to play Party Girl" and a picture of a guitar on it. I kept it hidden so as not to jinx it! I was fortunate enough to end up on The Edge's side on the outside of the elipse, on the rail. As soon as U2 came out, so did my sign! I was able to hold it for nearly all of the concert! Every time Bono or The Edge came over, I held it up, and just before Pride, Bono stopped, looked down at it and I could see that he was reading it. He smiled and said "You're my man" and went on to Pride. I was so excited at that point, but still wondering if he just liked my sign. After Mysterious Ways, he and The Edge were at the end of the ramp, and Bono started to look for me. As soon as he saw my sign, he walked over and called me up. I don't even remember anyone helping me! I just jumped! He said "like I said before, it pays to advertise" and asked me if I wanted to sing or play. I told him he doesn't want to hear me sing, and he said I was right! What a riot! I gave him a huge hug ...if anyone has a picture of that please let me know!...and I told him how much their music has meant to me, and for making a dream come true. He said a very frank, and polite "you're welcome". So we went up to the main stage, and I waved to Adam and Larry, and Dallas gave me The Edge's Les Paul. I strummed it, and nothing came through, so Sam (?) gave me Bono's acoustic. I started to strum, looked at The Edge, and he said "what song are we playing?" I told him "Party Girl" and he said okay, and then had to get a different guitar from Dallas. And next thing I knew, I'm jamming with U2!!! And I'm told it wasn't half bad! What an experience! I don't remember anything Bono said, so I'm anxiously awaiting the Bootleg! Afterwards, The Edge gave me his pic, I bowed to Adam, who smiled, and then to Larry, who gave me a typical Larry Mullen Jnr nod! Would it kill him to smile! He's awesome! I said bye to Bono, and headed back down the ramp! The crowd cheered me on and it was great! I jumped down and John pulled around to the back to sign a waiver allowing them to use my likeness b/c they filmed the show. I couldn't sign fast enough! When I was back at my spot, a photographer came 'round and I gave her my e-mail so she's going to send me some pics, and someone gave me The Edge's setlist! It was awesome! I don't think it's hit me yet! Afterwards, I was talking to so many people! They all thanked me, congratulated me and kept cheering me on! I had to sign autographs! It was absolutely unbelieveable. I was stopped by complete strangers asking for pictures with me! I went out with the folks I stood next to at the show (Dave, Paul, Ursula and Natasha you guys rock!) and then today I've met up with so many other people, just hanging out, and I've met many other Canadians! It was simply on the the best experiences in my life. And it was worth every effort to get over here. Cheers and thanks to all!!

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