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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by bigjim

I was one of those who complained about the sound in the upper tier of the canal stand for friday nights gig though i enjoyed it thoroughly and was hopeful that the lesson would be learned for tonights gig. Thankfully they were. I was sitting in the same area of the stand for tonight and the sound was nothing short of perfect. As for the gig itself; over the years i have been a huge fan of rock music in general and have seen the rolling stones, queen, led zeppelin, pink floyd, oasis, radiohead, rhcp coldplay, the clash, rem, bruce springsteen and a lot more of rocks legends play live, some on numerous occasions. Up to now i regarded u2 at slane as the best ive seen, but now ive seen the gig to match it. They were on fire from the word go. I would love to have something to complain about but in reality this show was as good as it gets. The crowd were great again and the whole thing was an absolute blast. The highlight for me was LAPOE. I had 2 u2 concert virgins with me and they loved it as much as i did.It is so hard to articulate how great this show was, all i can say is that this gig was very very special!

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