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by Paul O C

Look.Not all of us are doing the tour w u2 as a pilgrimage so all you world-tour fans saying 'this was the best gig o' the tour' are guilty of a pinch of arrogance!
The Sat gig was grand...not the best gig ever, yet,again or otherwise!!It was ok!!I wanted more than ok...the volume was @ level 7 or 8...an ironically inudible Bono prompted references to the Life of Brian(blessed are the Cheesemakers?)Was everyone 'thrill-ed' w a second dose of the vertigo song!!Its a finely produced ditty and their current mint but not the song to rember them by...Jesus this was their Dublin gig...no banter..zero spontanaity..all flesh-no soul..why not just release a u2 film every 2 years and spare us the wasted sweat..'HELLO DUBLIN!!!WE DON'T HAVE A SET-LIST TONIGHT BECAUSE WE'RE HOME..AND CAN RELAX..WHAT D'YA WANNA HEAR??!!'
Thats what yis we're missing lads..yis didn't need to make us feel special...and that showed!

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