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by Joey Jr

That was my first ever U2 concert and i'm glad I saw one before I died. I've seen a few complaints about sound and that Bono didn't 'connect' with the crowd but in the pit the sound was magnificent, and anyone I saw was having the time of their life and would have licked the mud from Bonos platforms if he had asked. But he didn't and onto the concert... The Thrills were a little dissapointing, the fans threw beach balls at them but Paddy Casey impressed me.

Once the painful wait for the support acts were over, the lads strutted on stage and launched into Vertigo.... maybe not as good in the daylight but we were wetting ourself with excitement. Then they played out of control which was incredible. New Years day was good and Adam went for a little adventure down the side stage. No theatrics he just played the bass with a big dumb smile on his face... what a man. The show really began with a beautiful All I Want is You and my highlight, City Of Blinding Lights. My God! The whole screen lit up for the song just as it was getting dark and it was magic.

Bono gave the usual spiel about Africa (which was actually a bit inspiring when you're there to hear it) Great quote from the show:
Bono: 'Thanks to for designing the stage. It really is quite handsome, a thing of rare beauty. And so are you The Edge. And you Larry Mary Mullen Jr. And you Adam Clayton.' Heheh it was very funny.

The old classics were great (esp. pride when everyone sang the 'uh oh oh oh' bit after the band stopped playing) Then the encore and they had a little early 90s revival with loads of achtung baby songs (The Fly was FANTASTIC) And the last rendition of Vertigo and everyone was jumping and 3 odd hours went by like 20 minutes. I had the night of my life and everyone I talked to felt the same. I'll never be able to go to another concert now and really enjoy it because it just won't even compare to this night. I hope it comes out on DVD since there were film crews there....
PS Matt from Canada did very well I was glad he didn't get scared or anything. Bono picked him out of the crowd to play party girl and he was great. Hooray Matt!

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