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by Gearoid

Yeah... where to start. i am from Ireland but am studying for a year abroad. During the course of the year, i resigned myself to the fact that I'm away from home and so therefore tickets would be difficult to organise. Under normal circumstances they would be any way, nevermind being over here. aNY HOW, I RESIGNED MYSELF TO THE FACT THAT I MAY NOT BE SEEING u2 IN A FINISHED cROKE park reflecting modern irish culture. But as the year progressed i came to my senses and got my act together and harassed friends over the phone to sort out a mini miricle for me and get me a ticket. Got a ticket!
Saw Popmart in 97 and was at slane 1. Big U2 fan but was a bit pessimistic thinking that although being the best live band in the world, having seen them twice already, I fear that their day may be over.
U2 exceeded all my expectations. They (i dont like to say it) were better than slane. I hate to say that because, prior to the slane gigs i had it in my mind that perfection would be to see U2 play at Slane, and when they did play Slane they went beyond that, but oph my god like... Tonight I would have died a happy man. I was in heaven, I was ecstatic, the serotonin was flowin goodo in my head. Just unbelieveable. What has me really going is the fact that the new songs can be regarded as the new best live songs. Vertigo, blinding lights and m drug. I listen to them on my MP3 player and they send shivers down my spine. And the old tunes that got them noticed 20 odd yrs ago. That lucky bastard of canadian was wkd. Party girl is a cool groovy type of song.
Basically, from start to finish U2 had me hoppin like a mad yoke and singing my heart out with ultimate content. It was kind of "dance like nobodies watchin" type of night.
Got cool pics and will throw them up in a day or two.
For those posting bad reviews, i think yee should get your head checked out. If you are not happy with a U2 show, there's something wrong with ya.
At Slane, with the big huge line up, most of my friends said there're going for the Chilli Peppers and are'nt that mad for U2, and I just thought "Fools"! But as expected they came home praising U2 and not even mentioning the Chill's. Chilli's are a class band but just to demonstrate the effect U2 can have, I put them down there a bit.
Any how, U2, that Canadian and everybody I mingled with at the weekend. That was a blast boy. I'll never forget it and thanks.

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