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by Gearoid (Give us a DVD)

They had the Cameras, they had they gear, but Willie Williams stated in his diaries on u2.com they they filmed the concert for archival purposes and it was'nt intended for DVD release. This is a disgrace. If U2 really wanted to please their fans, they would release a works DVD of theirhome concert. The slane DVD was not filmed for DVD presentation and despite how great it looked, the DVD of the chill peppers gig looked awesome because they did they "works" on the filming of the concert.
It's time now I think to get U2 to get their arses into gear a start post production of the concert footage so that fans worldwide can relive the memories or wish that they were at that concert, just like i did for the zoo tv gig at sydney.
Is there somebody in the U2 fan community who has knowledge of the internet with the possibility of setting up an online petition or something. Maybe atu2.com can use their poll they always have on their site. Even if someone reading this could just mention it to the band.
I think it is only right that they release a DVD. If anyboy else feels the same get back to me.

posted some photos of that mindblowing concert.

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