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by Johnny C

Like Franno, this was also my first U2 gig. In fact it was my first stadium gig. I remember the pale blue tickets with the Joshua Tree inside photograph pasted inside.

Very cool support line-up: Dubliners, Pogues, Lou Reed and Dave Fanning DJing. He also introduced them on stage as 'Where the Streets have no name' organ limbered up- 'the band you know, and I know are the best rock and roll band in the world'.

I remember the guy with the hard neck on the roof. Also I remember Bono stopping the gig mid-song because some idiot decided to have a punch-up and telling security 'If he's messing, put him out, but do it gently'. Also during 'Bullet the Blue Sky' - when he monologued he talked about taking a walk through the streets of Dublin, where he saw them closing the hospitals down and 'throwin' the beds out onto the streets'.

Got some guy up on stage to play guitar and sing (Party Girl I think, but I could be wrong on this one).

Dublin and Croke Park are, of course, very different places now. And last Summers Vertigo gig in the same re-vamped venue, was perhaps the best I've ever been to. Maybe it was me, but that night in 1987 I detected a certain sadness about Bono on stage. Can't put my finger on it exactly...

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