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by Franno

It's a long time a go now but this was my first U2 gig and as such will always be special to me. I'll never forget being a few rows from the front when Bono walked on to the opening of Streets and asked us all "How you doin'?" There was a huge surge in the crowd for the first couple of songs so we ended up moving back a few rows where we could breathe a little easier. The show was magical for all the usual U2 reasons but two things from the night stick in my mind. The first thing was some guy managed to climb up on the roof of the old Cusack Stand in Croke Park and proceeded to throw some dodgy shapes in a precarious position. Bono said "It's ok to have a hard neck but it's not ok to have a broken neck", and urged the guy to get down. The second was that in typical Dublin style, my Irish tri-colour with U2 printed on got nicked off my back whilst walking out of the stadium. I didn't care too much though. I'll never forget the walk from the stadium into the city centre that night and the crowd singing "How long to sing this song..." long into the night

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