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by Aaron

All I can say is WOW! WOW! And, WOW! The same thing Bono repeated throughout the night in SLC, last night. What an amazing concert. We got in line at about 10 pm on thursday night (more on that later.) We were about 20th in line. We got into the heart 1st row on the Edge's side. No dOubt put on an amazing opening show. (I am a much bigger fan now. Adrian Young was wearing an adult diaper and nothing else. Genius, pure genius.) During the warm up music, everyone got out there miniatuer American flags that a radio station handed out, and got all warm and fuzzy during All You Need Is Love and Sgt. Peppers. Then the band hit the stage to a deafening ovation. The show had numerous highlights from snippets of So Cruel and 40 in Bad, to the girl whom Bonon danced with on stage during Stuck in a Moment grabbing his ass. (He smiled sheepishly and sort of authoritativley moved her hand northward.) Adam was much more animated than people give him credit for. He smiled alot and was all over the stage. Larry had a couple of straps on his arms (tendonitis?) but, still kicks ass. I think he is ready to go home (can you blame him?). Seems as if he really appreciated the change in line up w/ People Get Ready, so much so that I saw him go get Adam from the tech pit early in the song and got him to join in w/ the rest of the band. Bono admitted that they had made the mistake of not coming to SLC in the past and that was definetly going to change. He also thanked Senator Orrin Hatch from the stage during the intro to 'One' for his help in pushing the Drop the Debt campaign through Washington. "I don't usually feel good about giving politicians and the like credit but, in Salt Lake City, there is a man who has really helped me out." He also said during the intro to 'One' that Osama Bin Laden and people like him can 'kiss my royal Irish arse.' Adam and Larry thought that was particularly entertaining and cracked up. Over all, the show was purely bliss and amazing. The crowd was insane adn the band was in top form. I loved it!!

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