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by Cori

This was my second show of this tour. Everybody says that the second ice cream cone is never as good as the first, but this wasn't the case. Me and my two sisters got there Thursday night and were 25-27th in line. We had first row inside the heart, right in front of Adam. (We saw them in San Diego and Phoenix(I wasn't in Phoenix, but the other two were), and we had a sign that said that we were sisters so during One, Bono changed the words to 3 Sisters, 3 Brothers). Once U2 took stage, we had our sign, and Adam and Bono remembered us immediately, Bono gave us a thumbs up, Adam was all smiles. Within a couple of minutes, we caught Larry's attention, who also remembered us and smiled at us. Later on in the concert The Edge saw our sign and remembered and smiled as well. Bono came over and touched the three of us and said It's nice to see you again. He didn't change the words during One- it wasn't appropriate for the theme that One had taken on. During Walk On, Bono played a guitar solo facing us and looking straight at us, which was totally amazing. Then he changed the words to "That's where the three sisters live" instead of "That's where the hurt is". It was a totally amazing concert. Throughout, we were doing crazy actions to the songs and Adam was just cracking up. It was so awesome. I love U2 and I hope they tour again soon, because it was just unbelievable!!

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