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by Jennifer Hutchison

All I can say is It was the best concert I have ever seen!!!
My husband, My mother and her boyfriend and I drove from Boise, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah on November 9th to
see U2 in concert... It was worth every hour to and from to see them!

They played a great variety of tunes from their various albums. From "Bad" to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" to Until' the End of the World" and of course the songs from their new album... The Delta Center was packed and steaming hot!
Excellent concert, Did I say that already?

Bono picked a girl from the crowd and hugged her as he sang "Stuck In A Moment" she grabbed his behind (Good for her!) and the crowd went nuts! He also picked a guy from the crowd to play piano to "People Get Ready". It was definitely a rush!!!

I know I never have been emotional at a concert before, they showed compassion!
Bono held Our American Flag from one of the fans and just held it close to his heart.
Then the band put together an awesome tribute to the Sept. 11th...
While they played ONE and WALK ON, they listed the 4 Airliners and each name of the victims and scrolled them throughout the crowd...
I balled, I just couldn't help myself!
New York was also an appropriate choice and a well done song!

Thanks U2 for creating such awesome tunes!
Maybe you'll make it to Boise, Idaho one day!

Jennifer Hutchison

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