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by Brian Bennett

Salt Lake City love U2! And I think U2 felt it tonight. The show was really good. This is my 2nd Elevation show (1st leg in Tacoma Washington in April) and 4th U2 show in all. I totally had a great time at this show for many reasons. First off my wife suprised me with the tickets so I could go to the show with my sister who is a big U2 fan. It was really fun going to the show with her. Thanks Brittany. And my son is 6 months old today. We waited to try and see the band come in and to get Bono to sign my son's banana book. We had VIP seats next to the soundboard/mixing booth. Before U2 came on we were talking to a guy who was from Dublin and was U2's first roadie, and now lives in Utah. He told us he was just back stage with Adam and Larry and that the band thought Utah was on Pacific Time Zone and they were a little late and had to rush a bit to get ready. They came out a little past 9pm. The show was very moving. It was very emotional, spiritual, moving, and elevating. Some things I wanted to point out. The Radio station gave all the people in line for GA american flags to fill the heart with. There was a big sign some fans made that said BAD. I am so glad that they played it tonight. Some comments on a "few" songs in the set list: New Years Day: Bono stopped to play Rock-Paper-scissors with a fan outside the heart. Think I saw Bono say "I got three" declaring himself the winner. I Will Follow: I really wanted them to play Out Of Control in stead because I have heard I Will Follow a lot and was getting tired of it, but the version tonight was different. Bono added some lryics in the middle and The Edge was amazing on Guitar. Sunday Bloody Sunday: Bono picked up a flag from the audience and held it softly and motioned like he was wiping his tears....Wipe you tears away....and said that this song was like a prayer for peace. Stuck In A Moment: Bono pulled a girl to the stage. The girl kissed him on the cheak and grabbed his butt. Bono took her hand away and put it up on his shoulder, the grabbed her butt back and smiled. It was all in good fun. Later in the show about a song later he thanked her for the dance. Kite: It was beautiful. Dedicated to his father. He talked briefly about his father. After the song ended Bono added just a little bit more of one verse by himself and his guitar. Wild Honey: This was the best verson I have ever heard so far. It was so clean. It was just The Edge and Bono singing into one mic. The Edge covered most of the high parts. Just great. People Get Ready: Looked like Bono was looking around for what song his was going to sing and what fan to pull out. He read a few signs. Think the fans sign had People Get Ready on one side and Stay on the other side. But he played piano during People. Bono told The Edge to get his name, but I don't think they ever said. Please: I though was moving with just the two of them. Bono said this song could have been written a few months ago, and was fitting. September, streets capsizing.... Bad: I am so glad they played this song tonight. Bono went over to the side where the sign of BAD was displayed and he was reaching towards the fans. The fans were reaching back. It was so cool. But even better was what he sang at the end.....Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, a couple of verses, then he ended with 40.....how long, to sing this song. 1st Encore: Bullet The Blue Sky: This song rocked! From the spot light Bono shown to The Edge's guitar rifs. There were Red, White, and Blue lights shinning. At one point, Bono covered his eyes with his arm and kind of marched infront of the raised video screens with white lights shinning. The song was just loud and amazing. What's Going On: A very good song. Very clean sounding. Good ending. Father..... New York: Even Salt Lake love New Your. Bono took off his jacket and turned it inside out to hand the american flag side on his mike. 2nd Encore: One: Very emotional. They sang it with heart, like they were saddend by all that has gone on. The different victums names scrolled on the screan. Lryics that were moving....These are our sisters, these are our brothers. Peace On Earth/ Walk On: I am so glad they played Peace On Earth. Walk On was great. Bono bent down and someone held a rose that he bit between his teeth. He tried to sing part of the song with the rose in his mouth, didn't work. He ended with the Hallaluja part. They all looked at the audience and shook some hands....Bono came back after almost leaving and went to the mic and said WOW! What a beautiful show. Did anyone else hear this....I thought during one of the songs Bono sang "Utah sky, underneith the Utah sky.

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