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by david brooks

Playing with u2....

from my position 5 people deep outside the heart - I had three signs, front reading "people get ready" C - Am - F -- piano" (along with divine intervention)

The first two times I held one up someone from behind ripped them off... One sign left .. waited til the right moment and then held it up - Bono asked if I could play the piano - I said yes,,, the girls around me were screaming and I crawled over them to the stage...

Bono said go to the piano by the Edge... I asked the Edge - C ok? yeah and just started playing - very wierd but also seemed just very natural and comfortable... the crowd was loud but distant, the edge was close and was very comfortable to play with

Didnt seem like a big stadium for that 5 minutes - just doing a job and having a blast jamming out,,
it was absolutely amazing to say the least to see it from that point of view from the stage... just wish I could have taken pictures of it ... Hugged and Talked with Bono briefly , and ran back down , it was so jammed at the front the only way to get in was to just dive/fall
on everyone..

once I got down , the rest of the show was a blur, called friends, went out - everyone recognised me - so strange, went home , went to bed, woke up, scratched my head, and said - wow - just seemed so bizzare, and the most bizzare thing is that is the first time I have ever played in public

it seems more bizzare every moment now - I think it is sinking in a little... it is amazing to think about it - delayed reaction so to speak...

**important*** Does anyone have any digital pictures, video or audio or print pictures ? of this they could send?? I would be so very grateful... ****

I know everyone had a great time at the show, those guys are truly the best band of this era.. music with a little more meaning than most...

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