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by ToddNVirginia

WOW! What more can I say? Bono sumed it up pretty good! This was my fourth Elevation show, and I'd say it was the best! THe crowd was unbelievable!!! This was by far the best I've seen the band play, they sounded unbelievable and their energy was something else. Songs like "I Will Follow" and "Bad" were simply the best I've ever heard! It was great hearing a verse of "Whos Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" and "40" at the end of "Bad", they fit in very well and the crowd sang along great. The acoustic portion of the show was the best I've seen, period! "Wild Honey" was fun and the new version of "Please" was beautiful, better then the electric version we heard in Baltimore last month. All around, this show was just great! Well worth the hell we went through flying across the country for! We had fun in line during the day and if McKenzie from Park City or Kimmie from Seattle read this, e-mail me ( WCWTODD@yahoo.com ) and I'll send ya my sweet pix of the show! My only complaint was that the "unofficial" numbering of the line was kinda crappy and it got a little ugly as it came time to enter the arena... anyhoo, I'd best be going. What a night! What a show!!

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