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by Brittany Bennett

Thursday Night:
I picked up my brother from the airport (he flyed in for the show) after which we analyzed and anatomized elements in U2's songs, albums, videos, performances, etc. Later (sometime after midnight) we went and enviously spied out the GA line. We were wired with anticipation, it was better then the night before Christmas. Sleep was impossible, as I continued to dream of songs and visions of the band.

I had two tests, both which I probably failed, as I could hardly concentrate, let alone calculate the flux, current, or magnetic field through circuts (physics test). I could however, calculate the hours until I'd see the best band in the world, if only that had been on the test!

Finally we arrive to the Delta Center, and I push my way to buy a T-shirt. The show begins as No Doubt successfully energizes the crowd for the show. I've always been a closet Gwen fan, as i'm just a girl, too. the band was good, but I couldn't wait for U2.

Finally we hear the Beatles and then the Elevation remix, and my 4 favorite Irish guys stroll on stage. The crowd is wild and the U2 were at their best. The beginning of the show rocks with Elevation and Beautiful Day. Judas does alright with an awesome End of the World. Sunday was beautiful with as a vision of Bono hugging the flag is seared into my memory. The butt grabbing Stuck in a Moment was hilarious. Kite was awesome, A personal favorite was the acoustic surprises a spirited Wild Honey, People Get Ready cool, and a desperate Please, followed by an amazing set of classics (I loved Bad!). Encore 1 Rock on! Encore 2 beautiful and spiritual especially as they solemnly and sincerely played a tribute to the lives lost on Sept. 11. I'll never forget the blue stage, their thoughtful faces and One played and sang so beautiful as the names lite the arena. The show rocked! It was spiritual and moving and I was truly Elevated!

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