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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Mickael

As a big U2 fan I have had the pleasure of attending seven shows over the last three tours; Zoo TV, Pop Mart and Elevation, each one incredible in its own right. The show in Salt Lake was no different. Our game plan was to have members of our group get into line as early as 5:00am the rest of us showed up as soon as we could to give the others a break so they could go to class and pick up paychecks. The line in Salt Lake was not as fun as the line in Denver back in April but it was way better than the cold and wet line in Tacoma. The way they ran the numbering system was disorganized and the power hungry fools that ran it were ridiculous. Luckily our entire group was let in after my brother nearly went postal on the cop.

The show itself was amazing! The Edge was his usual energetic self wailing on the guitar he really pours his soul into the guitar. I thought bullet was amazing.

Larry is like a machine when he plays the drums. He gets that intense look on his face an just goes and goes.

Adam is great on the base it is like he wants to come across as serious and he looks so focused when he plays but then hell look up and grin at the fans who are cheering for him.

I lifted up both of my sisters to touch Bono. Becca the infamous butt grabber got her life long dream to dance with Bono. Stacy got the small American flag that Bono held as he sang. I almost pulled Adam into the stage when he grabbed my hand towards the end of the show. What a night.

Of course this was not the first time I helped someone get up on stage. Did anyone see the Tacoma show on the first leg?

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