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by Jeff

First, The Sugarcubes and Public Enemy were both great opening acts. Seems many ignored them and were obnoxiously loud. These are the same people NOW that talk about seeing Bjork "Way back when..." (Yeah, when you ignored her & The Sugarcubes!)

U2. Amazing show. While the two LA indoor LA ZOOTV shows were great, the two outdoor LA ZOOTV shows surpassed the indoor. This 2nd LA Outdoor Broadcast, was fantastic! And being that it was Halloween, many actually showed up in costumes. This making the "ZooTV" experience that much MORE surreal.

Bono was a bit more political than he'd been on some earlier shows. Most likely as the 1992 US Presidential election was a week away. The satellite feed with Elvira was hilarious. Bono asked her if she was running for President. She said that she was; that if we were going to continue to put two "boobs" in office it might as well be hers. She then informed the crowd (most who already knew) that Larry was a halloween baby and got the crowd to sing happy birthday for him.

Nice surprises? Bono going into "She's a Mystery To Me" after "One". And Bono singing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". After The Edge strikes the BIG distorted chord that (earlier in the tour) signified the beginning of "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"... Adam begins the New Years Day bass part with Bono chanting (a few times) somethings changed? Some things change.

I can't go to Dodger Stadium without fondly remember those two glorious nights of ZOOTV... (including this show/10-31-1992)

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