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by Denis

Hi folks,
having been at both Milan shows, 1st London show and Glasgow, it
was my time to see U2 at The Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield.
Having saw the other shows in big football stadiums this looked different
due too the low nature of the stands.

My voice was bad before the show started and as soon as the
David Bowie song started it was time to damage my voice even more!! :o)

The sound was fantastic and I thought the
band played the best yet.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the gig but did not
go as wild as the other shows I have been at, this
made me realise just how fantastic the crowd was in Glasgow.

Sheffield, you have a nice city.
Transport by tram too and from the gig was
very easy. There were a lot of trams laid on
after the gig....WELL DONE!!

I write this on the train to Cardiff for the last European show.
If you are going to the Cardiff show then please do not hold back just go absolutely mental. :o)

No voice on the horizon!! :o)

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