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by Martin Dickson

Last night was my first U2 gig and it didn't disappoint. The Hours were good and Elbow were fantastic both musically and at warming up the crowd. One Day Like This set the tone for the evening I think.

About 10min after Elbow I saw one of the most surreal things I have ever seen at a gig... A set of 3 spot lights from each leg of the claw descended to ground level, in jumped 3 guys (each leg so 12 in total)and up they went again. It was the only time I have ever seen people photographing and filming the lighting guys.

At about 8:35 Bowie's Space Oddity began and the claw/spaceship came to life belching smoke in the most spectacular way. From then until the end it was awesome. U2 were amazing, the stage/lighting was stunning and the set they played was just right. TOP STUFF!!!

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