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by Luca

This was my first U2 concert and I fell in love with them there! I arrived in front of the gates at 10.00am and I still remember the heat, the dust, the unbeliaveble sun of Vienna. We waited 8 hours there since the gates opened at6pm and then... RUN, run, RUN to the stage! I was just attached to the stage, and the suppporting band wasn't a problem, but when bono came suddenly out to sing Zoo Station in leather jacket and black sunglasses, oh well, the pressure of the 20.000 people was all on my shoulders! I could manage it for a half an hour but after I had to find a free spot on the left, just 10-15 meters away but it was a relief already. When it finished, my friends and I walked all around vienna to find a open pub, there was only ONE! But it was worthed, oh yes!

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