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by Joy

This was in the "pre-TicketMaster days. My friend and I drove to East Lansing from Flint when the show was announced to purchase our tickets. The price was $6.00 in advanced, $7.00 at the door. (compare to the 165.00 I paid for Vertigo, not once, but 2x). The day of the show we made the 45 min drive to Dooleys. Dooleys was a college bar at Michigan State University. The concert was actually in the basement level. I had many friends who had come to the concert and we took up several tables that lined the dance floor. I remember the warm up band being a band called the Producers. When U2 took the stage we immediatley grabbed positions in front of the stage. I was lucky enough to find a spot between two floor speakers right in between The Edge and Bono. Bono would put his shoe up on the monitor on the stage right in front of me. Bono repeatedly would fall backwards off from the stage into the crowd. We would then push him back up. I can't tell you the exact set list. (too long ago) What stands out to this day is the energy of the show and how even back then you came away with the feeling that this band's destined for greatness. I do remember them playing Gloria twice. After the show, the guys came out and sat on the edge of the stage and we got to talk with them. I remember being embarassed when my younger sister told them that my mom's family was from Ireland and when they asked what part of Ireland we didn't know. It's funny the things that stand out this many years later. I know I was very proud of having confiscated Bono's water glass and a napkin that was autographed by the band (don't know what ever happened to them) I did manage to hang on to several tickets from the concert. I sold several, but kept a few for myself. I also had a poster from the concert that I have since sold.

Almost 25 years later I am a bigger fan than ever. The band has grown in ways that I never imagined. I took both of my children to the first Detroit Vertigo show in October and it was the most amazing concert I have seen. I would love to hear from others who attended the early US shows.

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