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by Miss Fire

Well now I have officially been elevated...phew.
Bono seems a little subdued during tonights show and spends most of it on the main stage, there is no girl for a dance and he dedicates Kite to his sick father again, commenting that they didnt used to get on but that he had made his peace with him now. During Beautiful Day it sounded as if he was singing "gave it away last night" or "he died last night"( I do hope not x).Difficult to tell in the seats at the top.
Bono also seemed to be having a few vocal problems although on some songs his voice soared and there were no problems.
Bono added snippets of The Clash - London Calling "we live by the river" and Devil Inside.
Mysterious Ways was very extended and absoulutely awesome during this some fans in the heart are passing pieces of paper to him with requests which the band finally delivered in a foot stonking rendition of Angel of Harlem near the end, the place rocked out and it was defiately one of the unexpected highlights of the show.
Everything did seem to be pushed up early tonight with PJ on 15 minutes early and U2 taking the stage at 8.30pm and off by 10.25.
Bono is not too talkative tonight and the band are just introduced by name with no funny tales.
Best moments for me have to be hearing Sergeant peppers and knowing its all about to happen after months of patiently waiting, Mysterious Ways,
Streets (OH MY GOD!!)
The spine chilling Mark Chapman/Lennon rant in Bullet the Blue
Sunday Bloody Sunday with Bono calling out for an Irish flag from 2 Irish girls stood directly behind me right at the top of the nosebleed seats, however no one was sure what Bono was gesturing so it took a while to get the flag down the tiers and to the Heart, so Bono is strutting around saying "see the Irish - thick!!"
A beautiful acoustic version of Ground Beneath her Feet with Edge and Bono at the tip of the heart.
Pride (just because it brought back a lot of memories of seeing them do this during the War tour many moons ago!!)

And finally I have to mention Angel of Harlem again because it was simply fantastic and the floor became a mass of movement and waves, it was like looking down at the sea and up to the stars and in one breath.

London got elevated and I think I was levitated.Cheers guys!

See ya Wednesday, and this time I will be part of that sea on the floor!! Yeah!!

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