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by yamovemebaby

Firstly folks, everyone is entitled to their opinions on the show having paid good money to see it, so let's stop criticising the first girl who posted her thoughts on the show (It's people like her that are great at informing all us fans so quickly about how a show went that we couldn't be at!).

I've been to six Elevation shows this tour including the Fort Lauderdale opener and last Saturday's Manchester gigs.
IN MY OPINION, last night's show was certainly not the best. I firmly believe that a lot of the enjoyment that you derive from a U2 show is from the fellow concert-goers around you in your section. The band can only do so much. Well my fellow concert-goers seemed to be made up of 'IT' girls and boys. You know - the kind that got their tickets through Mummy or Daddy's best friend who own a PR Agency or some such nonsense! So they show up to the gig just to be seen and spend the whole time looking around them to see if they can see their fellow brats instead of staring at the real action stage-way. They don't even know the bloody words to anything other than Beautiful Day and look at you like you've two heads when you decide to lose it for 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'!
Well I was surrounded by them last night and it was pitiful. Manchester's show was full of down-to-earth genuine folks who were intent on making the night a memorable one and were great craic.
As if this wasn't bad enough, I thought the sound in Earl's Court was f***ing apalling. I mean we're in London and the year is 2002 yet
U2 sounded like they'd plugged their amps into a Hi-De-Hi Holiday Camp intercom system. I could see Joe O'Herlihy struggling with the controls madly for the first few songs in a brave attempt to battle the shite acoustics of Earls Court.
And while I'm on my little rant here (and remember I'm still entitled to it!) what is the story with those idiots who insist on filing out of the place before the show is over. That's like leaving church after Communion but before the final prayer when you were a kid and getting a whack from your mother when you got home. These people piss me off and should at least have the courtesy to leave between songs instead of in the middle of them!
Anyway, apart from the above, the gig was enjoyable but Bono didn't go out of his way to interact that much with the fans at the tip of the heart as he has done with our US cousins on the other side of the pond. Maybe it's his Dad, maybe he's got an in-growing toe nail or maybe he just didn't feel like using the runway like it was built for. Maybe!
Anyway, roll on Saturday when they'll be home, I'll be home and the world will be watching a country that really knows how to enjoy a rock concert like this!

Ps- If you enjoyed last night then please don't attack me. I just didn't. No big deal. End of story. See ya in Meath!

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