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by Simon

Great Music, great band.
Crap venue, crap sound, crap crowd..in the upper tier seating anyway.
The show seemed rushed from the very beginning, when they came on 1/2 hour early...at least, they have kicked off all (most?) of the other concerts at 9. Very little audience inter-action, the crowd seemed muted for about 75% of the night. Usual crowd pleasers: Streets (they will NEVER get a better crowd reaction to ANY song), Pride (still a winner), Out of Control.
There was very little singing or dancing in upper seating other than those songs, and a few snippets of others. The floor as 1/2 full at best...from my view up top, I could see vast empty spaces. If you were in the heart, or just outside it, your opinion of the concert is going to differ from mine. I was just outside the tip of the heart at the 1st New York show at Madison Square Garden, and the whole atmosphere was totally different. Bono played the crowd much more, and you could see everybody from the tip of the heart to the top seat at the back of the arena was singing, dancing and clapping.
Bono seems bored by this tour, singing the same songs night after night. I'm sure he won't be sorry when this tour ends. Anyway, I look forward to seeing them again on Wednesday night, and hopefully in America again in autumn. It's a shame really, because the music, passion, commitment, lyrics and power of this band deserve more than they got at Earl's Court last night.
I stil love 'em though!

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