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by Aaron Smith

Unspeakably Excellent Gig.
I was in the heart and right at the front.
The sound quality was very good. I could here the VOX AC30's directly in front of me. The set list was very good too. There is to much to mention so I'll be brief. I remember Bono saying..
"This is our first ever single" And then they went in to OUT OF CONTROL. At the end of the song Bono played out an act to the A&R men of the late seventies shouting "Do you want to hear our record man.....I said Do you want to hear our record? It's got three songs on it. On The A side, Out of control.
On the B side, Stories for boys and boy/girl. You know we are gonna be BIG Mr A&R man. So Big that it'll need Earls Court take us...Cos we're OUT OF CONTROL....." This really was a great moment and the crowd wouldn't stop Jumpin!
It was very interesting being so close, to see the eye contact between the band. And also the lip reading, like when Bono gave Edge a respectful "THANK YOU" right after wake up dead man. It was as if Edge was in some way playing extra special for the sake of Bono and His Dieing father.
In awe I woke up towards the end of Angel of Harlem, and realized I was listening to one of the best renditions of this old favourite.
I've been to zoo tv tour, POP tour, and I was lucky enough to be at the resent London Astoria Gig. But This was buy far the very best I've been to.
The Atmosphere was Physical. I cried during Edge's Guitar solo in ALL I WANT IS YOU. The fact that there was so much room in the heart made it a pure joy to be there. I have all ways fantasized about seeing the band play right in front of me. The Astoria did this, but the crush pit spoilt the night. Also I was completely starstuck. But not this night. I had got used to seeing them up close and personal....And There was room to breath...I just sat back and studied the greatest band of all time. At the end of the night during the last song I pulled out my poster with the text "PICK PLEASE EDGE" on it. Hoping that he would give me his plectrum after the song finished and the band came to the front to bow and say good buy, Edge noticed my sign and nodded. He the asked Dallas to throw out some plectrums one of which I recived.
So Sunday the 19th of August 2001 may just well be one of the greatest moments of my life.
The only bummer was the fact that me and my friend Ed, lost our souvenir tickets. Also I can't speak, stand or hear anymore!

My soul is Elevated...........Woh ohh Woh ohh

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