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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Andrew

I've been a U2 fan ever since seeing them on Live Aid in 1985. And the last 10 years I've sulked through the videos of Zoo TV and Popmart and snarled at people telling me "Oh yeah, saw them". Dream on no more, Elevation indeed!

It's certainly no nonsense that they are the best band in the world. But then we've known that for the last 20 odd years, nothing new there.

After the dodgy sound quality of PJ Harvey I was a little concerned especially as her vocals were almost drowned out. But I knew better, U2 being as pro as they are played so tightly, each member was on form.

Larry was so focused he barely lifted his head up other than to watch the Adam or Edge in order to keep in time.
I always get pissed of when I don't see Adam Clayton in "best bassist" lists, in my opinion he is the best around. He gets all the best bass riffs and his sound is like that of being punched in the ribs.
There may have been only one lead guitar but with the Edge it sounded like there were 9 others!

But all hats off to Bono, considering the personal turmoil he's going through. Probably as a result of him being upset dancing with a girl might have been too much for him. But apart from that it was Bono of old, running round the heart on Where The Streets Have No Name and diving into the crowed in Until The End Of The World. His great sense of humor was still there, jesting at how Dubliners grumble "All right" in saying 'hello". As he dedicated Kite to his father he described how his dad told him if he had as good a tenor voice he [Bono] might have made a life for himself. Irish humor is always the best and Bono shows that no matter how he is feeling.

Not wanting too sound morbid but I think that because of Bono's personal crisis the show benefited. It was as if the others we attempting to lift him out of his pain and in turn he drove them to rocking the house down. A lesser band/artist (of which there are too few to mention), may have buckled under such pressure. But U2 prove that no matter what the circumstances be it a personal problem with a member or the difference in stage design or style of music, they can over ride such things and show their real worth.

All the major classics were there, Pride got me going nuts as I thought they may miss is out as they did on Saturday. The new classics included Elevation and Beautiful Day at the top of the show and Stuck In A Moment, all of which are now right up there with the likes of Sunday Bloody Sunday, Mysterious Ways and All I Want Is You.
The real treat though was Angel Of Harlem. They began it with a light acoustic intro and then burst into life with such passion. I had massive frog lumps during With Or Without You and One, and then with typical U2 charm Walk On finishing off with which had everyone waving arms and left you feeling so up beat and positive.

Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry - Thanks lads for a perfect show and a night in which I will never forget. See you at Slane Castle on Saturday!

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