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by Elevated

Up to the day before I still had no ticket for tonight's show, but I had faith and got lucky. Cannot believe the good fortune we all had. Spent most of the day to and fro the box office/pen for wrist band/tickets - hard work but worth it!

Amongst the last into the Heart but was fortunate to see a space next to some friends.

I agree with another fan who commented on the atmosphere around him spoiled by the 'IT's, there were 6 of them in front of me brought in by someone with laminate tags, who didn't even know Beautiful day, stood like a steel wall and another friend could not get through to join me which was most upsetting. My advice to other fans is to throw yourself into it even more fervently and let them see what a good time they missing out on! Scream like crazy in their ears and make them suffer even more!

Having attended two at Manchester and the previous night at Earls Court, you would think I would know the score by now.

Every song continued to surprise, inspire, elevate. When I first heard the album, Kite was so very special and emotional, for everyone else who felt the same to hear it live and not cry is virtually impossible. Let it go......

As with many other fans, I have a lot of very special moments. The numbers faded long ago and the barrier knee bruises are now an attractive yellow, but the memories will still be there to bore the other oldies with when I end up in the home!

Thanks to everyone who has posted their reviews, I have enjoyed reading them and the memories they evoke, and wish I could recount as eloquently. Still in orbit round Manchester and Earls Court!

Thanks U2 for four Beautiful Days.

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