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by Martin Edney

I look forward to this show a lot, as I have been a fan since 1984, but have not seen U2 since the Joshua Tree tour at Wembley Stadium. I missed out on Zoo Tv and Popmart, which I now regret.

I manage to get a couple of tickets over the phone, but they are not the best seats in the house and, although we are quite close to the front of the arena, we are very high up and with a concrete wall right behind us. The sound for PJ Harvey is bad, very bad, and I begin to wonder if it's PJ Harvey, or just the acoustics. My worst fears are realised when U2 start their set, and Elevation sounds terrible. We are so close to the wall that Adam's bass bounces right of it and it drowns out virtually everything. It doesn't improve until Kite, which sounds good. We are happy to have a good view of the whole stage, but it doesn't really make up for what is a disappointing evening.

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