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by Vanda Marza

My boyfriend and I showed up early to get a glimpse of the band. Much to my disappointment, my boyfriend got very sick, and I had to help him.

I still did manage to go the show. I was sitting on the left side of the theater. Let me tell you that the CBS Orchestra is very loud. With that said, you can imagine how loud U2 was.

The top 10 list was absolutely magical. It's funny what the camera did not catch: Bono pointing to Larry and Adam in a funny gesture, the Edge holding his nose whenever Bono spoke, and Larry Mullen's enthusiasm whenever it was his turn to speak.

Finally, "Crazy" was wonderful. When Letterman said that every night with U2 feels like a concert, I was certainly in agreement. How many Letterman episodes have you seen where the fans were that into the music? It was such an experience. Finally, when Bono approached the crowd at the end of the song, the place went crazy. None of the audience's behavior was staged or coached. It was just people moved naturally by the music of U2.

I also got tickets for tonight (It helps to know key people within CBS).

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