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by Lucio Flavio Aleixo Filho

After 5 years U2 comes back to Brazil, and what a night it was. Before the concert we were sitting outside the stadium entrance and as soon as Bono arrived he paid us an unexpected visit as soon as he climbed off his car. I am very happy to be one of the 20 people that saw him about 3 feet from us, with some hand shakes. Well, later on at night, at 21:46 to be precise, U2 came on towards the stage and started playing Even Better Than the Real Thing, just like in Argentina. The very next song, I Will Follow, really took everyone off the ground. The Stadium was literally shaking! Sometime later they played I Still Havent't Found and surprisingly Bono did not sing the entire first part of the song. He let the crowd do it, and it was beautiful. They also played an acoustic version of Stuck in a Moment, and despite the fact that The Edge made a couple mistakes, it was very nice! The end of the concert was very emotional when Bono mentioned the massacre that happened earlier this week in Rio, where lots of people started to cry. Out of the several concerts I have seen U2 playing, this was without a doubt one of the best! What a night!

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