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by Jorge Filipe

Still on cloud nine after previous night's concert, once again I went to the Morumbi Stadium to see U2's 360 second concert in Brazil. Last night I was the first guy to get into the inner circle, front row (Bono even sign when he saw my Joshua Tree tattoo, man!). This time I watched the concert from the seats. And what a concert! Even better than the previous night!

It was very very thrilling to hear Zooropa live, even though I was expecting this, I heard them rehearsing it on friday's night. But what about Out of Control? Adam have said that they decided to play this song just 10 minutes before getting to the stage! These oldies still rock, for sure! =P

Ultraviolet was another breathtaking moment. The whole set sounded even more incredible than previous night. The band was seemingly feeling more comfortable and confident. No doubt it was a concert to put in the hall of Red Rocks, Point Depot '89, Zooropa Dublin '93, Popmart Leeds '97, Slane Castle '01 and a whole bunch of other classic concerts.

Now here I am at the shithole where I was born and live, dreaming with another U2 concerts...

ps.: Just have seen 3 U2 concerts and they never played my favorite song (Bad)! #Fail

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