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by A. Bini

Fantastic! It was my second U2 show (the firt was POP Mart, also in Morumbi stadium, 8 years ago).The 98's show had a better visual appeal, but this one was, in a musical meaning, much better. The set list was perfect and the performance itself as well. Highlights: City of Bliding Lights (the beggining always is!), One (thrilling), The Fly (extremely powerfull, one of the best versions I ever heard), Miss Sarajevo and All I want is you (it makes me cry, a pefect and unespected end). I hope not wait another 8 years or more to see them again in Brazil. When U2 will find out, as Pearl Jam did last year, that they can make a bigger tour in Brazil, with, at least, 6 shows in different cities (Porto Alegre,Curitiba, So Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte, for instance)?

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