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by Ney "Rose" Samuel Celli

Well, before all, I'm apologise for my very poor and bad english., but I can't this opportunity to wrote what I fell in this concert, behind of me!!
I Was 14, I really loved U2 since 10 years old, when they released "Zooropa". I lived in Curitiba (600 km from São Paulo), I Traveling with my parents - airplane. On January 30, I wake up 6:45 AM, breakfast in hotel and go to São Paulo F.C. Stadium (Morumbi) !! I Was so fascinated.. Great T-Shirts, great people, great stadium, great morning!! We waiting until 4 PM when the gates oppening.
I Won't write everything i felt in this concert (if not, i wrote a book about that). I Just don't believe what i'm fucking saw!! Mofo, I Will Follow, Gone (with all felling!!).. The Hits of U2.. Pride, Sunday bloody Sunday, I Still Haven't found, Streets... And one of the most magic moments of my life: When they started my phavorite song: "BAD".. they NEVER played this song on this tour.. IT WAS A REALLY PRESENT OF GOD AND THE U2 FOR ME THAT NIGHT!! After they played "Bad", i don't know if i was dreming, i felt like.. numb.. I only "reestart" at the show when they playing "One" in the end..

Ney "Rose" Samuel Celli

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