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by Charlotte

This was my first U2 concert, therefore I didn't quite know what to expect. Firstly, we were slightly disappointed about Keane being unable to perform and the lesser-known (at least in Portugal) "The Kaiser Chiefs" playing a longer set. U2 definitely appeals to a wider audience than their support group. But, fair play. They did their best. Moving on.. the sound and lighting were phenomenal. Despite the venue being open-air and also adjacent to the airport, the acoustics were near-perfect. The lighting show was a "spectacle" in itself. I particularly liked the use of the giant screen to show the "Declaration of Human Rights" translated into Portuguese. The songs played covered a lifetime of U2 from the good ol' days to the very recent. That's probably one of the reasons the concert was so spectacular, because you knew so many songs and those songs carried meaning. The represented a time in our lives. Bono spent a fair moment spreading the "Make Poverty History" message, and rightly so. It hasn't really hit Portugal yet. I danced, I sang, I screamed, I felt empowered and moved by U2's performance and deeper message. COEXIST. I'm glad I went. I will never forget. Thank you.

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