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by Ango

I have had time to digest Lisbon, more than 1 week and I am disappointed to report that I will not be attending any more U2 shows. Reason one is that U2 is simply too huge. In Lisbon, people would not even let me see the show because everybody was standing. I understand that this may happen to some, but I could not see anything. I prefer to see U2 in the arenas and the clubs. Also, people were spitting on each other during the Lisbon show because people were cutting in front of one another. Is this the U2 I have grown to admire? These disgusting fans have no right to spit on each other. I saw people spitting on each other even during the declaration of human rights. Lastly, U2 made no comment nor made any commendation to the people waiting outside the stadium for nearly two days to spend two hours with the band. Bono simply said, "Thanks." and they left the stage. I was disgusted by this.

Long live U2 in the arenas.

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