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by Jacquie Tjandra

Thank-you for the opportunity to express my feelings about the U2 concert I saw in Toronto on September 15. Although I have loved U2 from the beginning, I have not had the opportunity to see them play until now. I felt extremely lucky to have tickets.

I thought the show as wonderful, but I was extremely disappointed. Let me explain. The visual presentation was dazzling and the music in general was wonderful. However, as an older fan, I felt that the band put way to much emphasis on their newer stuff. One of my favourite songs of all time is "New Year's Day" and I was sooo looking forward to finally seeing it played live. Reading reviews from San Diego, and other places, they had played the song at these concerts but they did not play it at the concert I saw. I guess I had really built myself up for that and I could not believe they didn't play it. I still find it upsetting to write about it. I forked out a lot of money and I felt gypped.

Anyway, if you are not a big fan of their older stuff, but instead you enjoy their more recent offering, (say the last 10 years) you will love the show. If you love the older stuff, I'm afraid you will be disappointed.

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