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by Francisco Guimares de Melo

The last concert of the European Tour. It seemed it would be a special evenning. Two days before, the President of Portugal decided to give "the order of liberty" to the band. We felt like "Wow, this is going to be even more special". In fact, the 14 August was an incredible day. First, the fact that U2`s last concert in Portugal was 8 yeas ago (so much time!!), then, the decoration by the president and last, it would be the last concert.

It was my first U2 concert, and after that, i felt like it was the best night of my life. U2 songs are the soundtrack of my life. Of the best and the bad moments. And singing the songs alive with Bono, or just listening to them, it was something i was looking and waiting for a long, long time.

About the concert, ill say that the greatest moment was during "When the Streets Have no name", when the lights illuminated all the stadium, i looked to Bono, he was looking to my direction, and i and a friend we decided to take out our gigantic portuguese flag. We wrote there "U2". Some fans that were next to us helped us to elevate the flag and show it to Bono. I hope he looked. It was the only giant flag in the stadium. Our flag!

The last song of the concert, 40, a surprise, it was fantastic. The lights off, and Bono illuminating the all stadium, what a great moment!

The greatest band of the world, my band! i will never forget that day. thank you Bono, Larry, Adam and Edge for all the emotions!

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