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by ignacio

What an incredible night!!!...U2 did it once again!!!
The evening started with a short but very very strong set by Franz Ferdinand...
..but we're here for U2...
after a long break the lights went down and the crowd just exploded, the show started with City of Blinding Lights, next they played a very amazing vertigo, the crowd (about 80.000 p.)was just crazy...they followed with songs like elevation, UTEOTW, NYD,etc.
in Still Haven't Found...bono, speaked in spanish to the crowd, he said thet he and the rest of the boys were just happy to be "en el fin del mundo"(the end of the world), and he said the if in another time the stadium was full of spirits (of the desappeared ones by the dictatorship of Pinochet) this night they were gone, tha was a very very special moment of the night, bono thanks the president Lagos to be at the stadium, and said hello to the next president of Chile (Michelle Bachelet) the 1st woman to be president of Chile, Bono spoke about His Small Country (Ireland) and he said that Chile and Ireland got very similar stories...

Miss Sarajevo was also a very special moment in the night.
So!...I just loved the ZooTV section (the part that i was expecting to see more), it just blew my head off!!! (the songs were Zoo St., Fly, Misterious...)

The final section was very intimate, for the firt time in this tour the band played mothers of the desappeared, bono introduced the edge as the ten fingers man...the edge played a tipical chilean intrument called "Charango" for this one
the people was very excited, and this was one of the most emotional moment, was a very intimate part of the show, the band later played Yahweh, and the last surprise of the set list, All i want is you, with bono singing with all the crowd without instruments, then , the band took a bottle of champagne and made a toast with the crowd.

I really have no words to describe how i felt last night, i know that was one of the best moments in all my life,full of magic, full of love... what a beatiful night!!!

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