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by Joel

Wow... What a show!!!.
I was sitting a long ways back so I had to use my binoculars a lot but that was fine with me.
For starters Franz Ferdinand was excellent. I'm glad U2 brought an opening act of such calibre.

OK... After a long wait between shows, they turned down the lights and when they came on stage I swear I screamed like a little girl. The feeling was amazing. Then to start they played songs with a lot of energy like City of blinding Lights, Vertigo, Elevation and until the End of the World.

What amazed me the most was how "chileanized" the concert was. For example during the Zoo TV encore on the screen they had these slot machines sorta looking things, and Pinochet and Bachelet appeared. And during the whole thing Bono was talking about how Chile is looking towards the future.

During the second encore, The Edge pulled out a charango and played Mothers of the Dissapeared. I read they hadn't played that song live for 8 years when they came last to Chile. So that was definitly special.

At the end they pulled out a champgne bottle, and Larry had the biggest sip by far :).
I think the band really enjoyed this concert. It was a great crowd.
Bono said that they would never forget this. Neither will I.

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