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by marco dunn (Bolivia)

tick tock, 6 am o'clock and we arrived at the line. It was still dark in Santiago. Our first impression was that we could make it to the Golden Circle wi th no problem. But then we saw the line that extended for almost three blocks. We had given up. However, the line started moving and we made it, I was number 2639. They let us into a smaller venue for the rest of the day. We waited in the blisstering sun for 7 hours and were finally let into the circle!! All of the pain and suffering was worth every bit. We were 5 rows aways from the right arm of the circle (perfomer's perspective).

The cover band ( Franz Ferdinand) was better than expected and managed to carry us through the last hour.

Suddenly the Arcade Fire Wake Up! started sounding and U2 was ready to enter. Bono's EVERYONE did not sound too clear and the transition was faster than expected. He appeared on the left arm of the circle in the intro of COBL. But we were in for a treat. Him , Edge and Adam came to our side many times during the show and gave us photo opportunities. I mist one though.......Bono leaned ver The Edge while singing The First Time ( accoustic version) I had the back view but it was sweet watching these two friends carry each other still after many years. I enjoyed that moment a lot.

Another special moment was right before Love Peace or Else....Adam Clayton was right in front of us when he played the fisrt two notes ( boom boom)...that bass was so powerful, then he did it again!.

I had waited to see Ms Sarajevo Live at a stadium. I saw them in Miami in November and the performance of this song was incredible. But at a stadium it was different, plus this time around they put and opera effect on Bono's mic, so he sounded better than Pavarotti!! very emotional.

Sometimes You Cant Make it on Your Own was a special moment as well. Bono always sings form his heart, but that night's performance was particularly beautiful.

Finally, at the end of the show, The Edge palyed Mothers of the Dissapeared in a Charango ( a musical instrument given by Chilean authorities to Bono. This instrument is actually from Bolivia, but I will not get into that now). It was an ackward version, but impressibe to see The Edge perform a perfect version of it in the Bolivian Charango.

I have seen this band perform 8 times in this tour. This was the first time I saw them at a stadium. Because of the people that kept me company and the other 75K with us, I have to say that this was the best show of them all.

......always pain before a child is born.


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