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by Laura

Hi, Im from Valencia-Spain and im going to give some details about the concert

The concert was brilliant,but didnt overcome the concert I saw in Slane in the Elevation Tour. Ive been to 4 tours so far.

Bono sounded a bit aphonic at the beginning,and had some difficulties at the beginnig. After a while, he was much better.
Also, the microphone stopped working ,he got a bit angry and started to knock it on the floor.At the begining he went to the left(from the peoples view) B stage and show himself off to the photographs.He took a camera from one of them and took a picture of the photograph and himself.

He said some phrases in Spanish, like 'Gente guapa, con cojones...' He said something like 'Bono sexy y guapo'
He was most of the time on the main stage, he seemed not to have lots of energies that day. Also, picked a girl from the main stage,not from the left b stage. That didnt suit me after more than 30 hours queueing. :o) Any way, at least he saw my poster saying 'Conas t t'(Irish)-i hope.He saw few irish flags aroung and said that it was very nice to see it.
Adam and the Edge moved along that stage several time, what was great :o)

They transmitted to the people the human rights, that different cultures could coexist, and that we can end with the povetry.
Some girls were brought to the stage by bono to show a poster they made saying 'Pobreza cero'.

Im very proud to be fan from a band that tries to concern millions of people about what is really important in life:love. And I thank them to the commitment to get a better world.
If I had the opportunity to talk to U2, I would ask them to concern people people about the nature. The global change as a result of the contamination is responsible of the lack of rain or natural disasters that kill people.

He reminded that one of the greatest concerts was the one in Madrid 1987 and to begin with Miracle drug he wanted to know the

name of a hospital in Madrid -Nio Jesus-maybe somebody he knows cured there...
He also mentioned the terrorist attacks in different places of the world, including Madrid. He prayed for the answer to a brutality not to be another brutality.
Bono was very emotional remembering his father with the song 'Sometimes you cant make...'

It is not only a concert,besides being full of top quality music, it shows what love can do in this world, and that's why it is very emotional and very different from any other concert Ive seen.

I must complain about the queue system.People that didnt stayed overnight got a better position than others, even though they made a list. I think they should 'prepare' a gate for these people and open it before any other gate.

I love U2's soul and music

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