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by Susana Vega

Well, what could I say that's not already been said. It was the BEST U2 show I've ever been to. The weather was great (that means, it didn't rain) and the stadium was almost full of people (approx 55,000).

When the show began everybody started jumping, shouting and clapping their hands (ok, our hands) and didn't stop until almost 2 hours later. The boys were great! They played new stuff but also some of my old favorite songs and the most amazing thing is that the crowd sang each and every one of the songs, so loud, that, sometimes, Bono would stop singing and let us continue with the song. He said about 5 times in perfect spanish: "Being in Spain is being in love"... He got down on his knees and bowed to us a few times... HE was wonderful.... And of course, it was the first time I ever saw Edge singing... he sang "Sugar, Sugar"...it was really fun!!

You could actually see they were having fun and that they still enjoy, after so many years, what they do. Watching Bono and Edge smiling at each other was very important for me because that means that we will have U2 for a very long time... I will always remenber those few hours I spent with the Best Band in the whole world; no doubt about it.

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