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by Dazz

Slightly disappointing. The stadium appeared half-empty. Given that the first show sold out I was expecting a packed stadium. The first batch of songs were absolutely awesome. The boys came out really fired up and Bono's voice was stunning. Then, after that, The Edge started having difficulties with his guitars a couple of times and they lost a bit of momentum for a bit. The highlight for me was definitely 'Mercy', it sounds great live. Would have liked to have seen a few more new songs too. They usually play NLOTH and Unknown Caller and sometimes a couple of songs not released on any album. They seem to have given up on the new stuff and are back just playing the oldies now. Only four songs from the last album? Still, Bono was a brilliant frontman the whole night and gave his all. The sound was great, which is standard for a U2 concert.

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