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by Marc Bartels

The first big event at the EXPO2000 site in Hannover 1015 days before the EXPO will be opened June 1st 2000.

The show was really brilliant. The highlight certainly was their entrance to the second part. I wonder why no one ever mentioned that they play an instrumental remix of Lemon while U2 is getting into the lemon-mirrorball-spaceship. It's one of my favorite songs, and the dancer on the screen was cool. The first verse of Discotheque was very impressive, Bono sang a cappella while the other three grabbed their intruments.

They did Suspicious Minds as karaoke, it was great fun.

The very last tune was the first verse of Wake Up Dead Man. Thank you.

They could have used the screen more often, the media overkill was not really an overkill to me. I love their sense of humour, Bono: "Look at this neon cathedral. It's the place where we work. ... You pay for all that shit." Bono asked to come back, I hope the will join the EXPO.

The Stones will go on tour again soon, and will even play in small clubs. I wonder what U2 will do next.

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