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by Sebastian Kitaro

U2 is a synonym for surprise. The biggest was given by Bono. After "Staring at the sun", for me the best performance, he asked in German "Ich habe ein Frage. Duerfen wir wiederkommen?". The audience, which was very emotional for a german audience, nearly went mad.

Another nice surprise was Bono's version of the "Last night on earth" middle-part. He sang "Goodnight Hannover. We will coming back" nearly one minute.

A little funny situation happened while "Hold me,..." Bono spontaneous began to perform the comic, setting his sunclasses on one of the camera etc. The Edge had to laugh when he remarked it and, not everybody heard it, but he missed one accourd.

The biggest thing was Bono ending the show with the 1st verse of "Wake up dead man". They played it for the first time on the the tour and I had hoped they would but I hadn't believed it. It was a great ending to a great show.

I hope they won't need 4 years to come back.

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