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by Andreas Pedersen

I saw the Zooropa 93 show and really liked this big tv-circus.

The Popmart show in Copenhagen I could not quite figure out - what was their message. I liked the show and the music was great - but was it all just fun?

Then about two weeks later, I went to the concert in Hannover. Just to see the show again - and I did not think it would be that much different from the concert in Copenhagen.

I was so wrong!

Right from the first kick (Mofo) the band was on fire - the sound was great, the music was great and the audience went mad.

After four or five songs Bono said that for the first time on the tour they had the felling that people understood their music and what they were up too with this show. Then Bono said something like: "I hope you like all this shit (pointing at the big screen) - because you paid for it!". Later Edge talked about some people in the audience that he was mad on: "You know who you are - it is all you saying that Popmart does not work and that U2's music is finish" - and then he performed his karaoke-number!!!

I got the idea of Popmart much better the second time in Hannover and I think the band knew better what they were trying to say with the show. It was the best U2-concert I have seen (I have been to four) and it really underlined for me that U2 is "the smartest band in the world".

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