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by Aaron

Show was great (of course). We had an unpleasant surprise when we arrived and were told our seats had to be reassigned. I started to get pissed, but then we saw our new seatswhich were on the 5th row, just behind Red Zone 1 (Edges Side). The view was fantastic.

The last time I saw U2 in a stadium was Zoo TV at RFK. I was in the 11th row there with fanclub tickets, and it was pretty incredible. Probably more incredible than last night. Then again, I was 20 and I think everything felt more incredible then.

Last night was a fantastic show, no doubt about it. But I did think it lacked a bit of the emotion that comes out in the arena shows. In the arena shows Ive been to, I come out feeling like Id been to a revival. Last night was awesome, but I wasnt as emotionally moved by it. Again, take that with a grain of salt. Ive seen them many times now, so I know more of the tricks.

They replaced Unknown Caller with Mysterious Ways and New Years Day. I frankly would have rather them kept UC and dropped Your Blue Room. That song is a rare gem, but so few folks in the audience knew it that it caused a lot of folks to check out for a few moments. It was a treat for hardcore fans like me, but I feel it disrupted the flow of the show a bit.

Whatever you do, listen to Ultraviolet again before we go. Granted, its one of my top 5 favorite u2 songs of all time, but I felt it was THE highlight of the show. The segue from that to With or Without You was the one time of the night that I really started to tear up a bit. It was beautiful.

Ill be very curious (and hopeful) to see if they mix in Bad or Stay in Charlottesville. Selfishly, of course.

Muse was most excellent.

It's always an amazing experience to see U2 live, and every time is to be treasured, as you never know if you'll get the chance again. Last night, "I found grace inside the sound" for sure. Thanks, Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry.

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