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by Dream Out Loud

Last night was my 12th show, first on this tour. Tomorrow in Charlottesville will be #13.

This show was visually spectacular. Musically it was a strong show but sitting in the upper deck just isn't as engaging as being down on the floor. I had a great time with a couple of my kids (their first u2 show) and it was enjoyable seeing the massive stage from a distance. But i'm really looking forward to tomorrow show from the masses.

Your Blue Room was a nice treat. I too sensed that no one within 100 yards of me knew the song. but that was the thrill of it. The shortened set was exciting as it was happening as I was hoping for BAD but it never happened.

The show was very good. I've had better experiences at other U2 shows but that's likely a function of where I was sitting. All in all another great experience. The stage/hardware of the show meets expectations! that's tough to do considering how much i've heard/read about it.

Re: Traffic: Once I sat in my car, it took me 25 minutes to get out of the lot (they were letting all the people walk and not blocking them to allow some cars out). but once on the road, I was home 35 minutes after that and I live almost 40 miles away. These traffic complaints seem a bit overblown if you know what you're doing. hour door to door isn't too objectionable considering it was 90,000+ people.

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