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by Andy

Muse needs some sound check rework. They were at times inaudible to those of us in the 300s (Club Level). It sounded too much like distorted screaming.

U2 gave a fablous show. I was lucky to attend at Verizon Center a couple of years back. Edge and Adam still putting it out there. A lot of energy. LM Jr. still has the fire from "War" or "October" days. The stage was fantastic and completed the show. The green wash-over during 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' was awesome. However, a tribute to Iranians, who stand up against a Theocracy, but still hate the infidel Americans, was somewhat nausiating. Remember the Irishmen you wrote it for.

The pillars of light from the stage top reflecting of the solitary clouds floating by made the outdoor venue awesome.

Stayed to the end; Off the Club Level, out of FEDEX, on the Beltway: 18 minutes. Priceless!

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